Reese Witherspoon responded to Ariana Grande's Shout-Out with a line of "Legally Blonde"

adminNovember 21, 2018

Ariana Grande loves Legally Blonde. And Reese Witherspoon is fine with that.

The pop superstar and the Billboard Woman of the Year launch an Instagram in which she wears an orange shirt behind an old-school Apple iBook computer. "Whoever said that the orange was the new rose, was seriously disturbed," says the legend, a quote from a sequence in the comedy starring Witherspoon.

The Oscar-winning actress, who played Elle Woods in the 2001 comedy and its sequel to 2003, joined in the fun by responding to Ariana with another line from the classic movie for girls. "Also … 2 weeks ago I saw Cameron Díaz at Fred Segal and I convinced her not to buy a truly atrocious angora sweater!", She wrote on Twitter. Look down.

Reese is expected to return to play his role as Elle in the next Legally Blonde 3, whose launch is scheduled for Valentine's Day 2020. No doubt, Ariana will score a front row seat.

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