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adminJanuary 11, 2019

The world's most "beloved" burglary group is ready to return to the third season of the greatest attack in history. The professor (Alvaro Morte) and his faithful companion Berlin (Pedro Alonso) started the recordings of the series Papirhus in Florence, Italy. The Netflix series is expected to debut by the end of 2019.

Many are the ones who already want the debut, but as the new season comes, the Netflix platform shares and casts some footage from the beginning of the footage. The last case is Alvaro Morte who shared in his Instagram a video where both he and Pedro Alonso greet the fans who remain unbeaten during the footage. By watching the video, the actor wrote "Therefore complete a shooting day in Florence with Pedro Alonso, Jesus Colmenar and all the great layer of Papirhuset. Pure magic on all sides and in every way. The Italian fans spent the day with a frightening cold and encouraged us with their love. Grazie Bella Italia ".

In addition to the videos of the footage, the fans followed the moment of reunification between Professor and Berlin, with a hug between the two.

It is not yet known whether the third season will restore the past to the brothers, or if the character of Pedro Alonso survived the attack by the Spanish security forces, which occurred in the last episode of the series.

On the day when the return of the story of Alex Piña, using Netflix was confirmed, new assaults were guaranteed orchestrated by the group led by the professor. In fact, Alba Flores (Nairobi) confirmed that the biggest attack in history was not over.

To keep in mind that the series Antena 3 (Spanish television channel) was the most widely used English non-Netflix product, shown at the top of all the most set as well. On the contrary, during his broadcast in Antena 3, the audience was falling episode after episode.

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