Rebound in the case of Johnny Hallyday's heritage: the leader of trust went off

adminNovember 27, 2018

In April last year, the American Bank Bank of America had agreed to be appointed trustee, therefore leader of JPS trust based in California, which includes all the assets of Johnny Hallyday for the sole benefit of his widow Laeticia. The appointment of a trust manager, legal structure under US law to group all assets of a person, was the focus of debate on March 30 in front of the Chamber in summary TGI Nanterre.

But this Tuesday, in full hearing of the singer's royalties, comes back in the heir. "The Bank of America lawyer who succeeded Johnny's confidence announces that the governor retired six days ago and therefore asks for a stay on the case"explains Corinne Auduin, a journalist for France Inter on her Twitter account. Before adding: "The JPS trust that controls that Johnny's assets no longer have an administrator, we imagine that the Bank of America is not very fond of the ongoing trial in France."

According to information from BFMTV, Bank of America did not want to be involved in any litigation in France. "She prefer to withdraw from the contract that unites him to Laeticia Hallyday ", specifies French media.

Reference for referral rejected

Laeticias lawyer said that finding a new administrator could take months. He therefore requested a referral of the case. This request for inquiry was finally denied by the court.

As a reminder, justice is now in Paris at the request of freezing some of the royalties associated with the singer's album, the last posthumous has passed more than a million copies. Laura Smet and David Hallyday require suspension of the payment of 75% of the proceeds from the sale of their father's records now paid to their widow, Laeticia. The two elders have already received another procedure freezing royalties – the proceeds that come from the diffusion of the singer's titles – and the French characteristics of the music.

This new request specifically concerns the post-humourous album, "My Country is Love," which has lasted over a million copies in recent weeks.

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