Really coordinated! Kate twins with Meghan in a berry color outfit and short skirt

adminNovember 22, 2018

Duchess meghan met with his collaborators at Hubb Community Kitchen on Wednesday morning (November 21) in a lovely burgundy setand, only 25 minutes away, her sister-in-law was very well coordinated with a berry outfit to visit University College London. the Duchess of Cambridge she looked radiant in her Paule Ka He designed by meeting with Professor Eamon McCrory, co-director of the Development and Resilience Risk Unit, to learn more about the effects of trauma on young brains.

Duchess Kate paid a surprise visit to UCL in a nice suit. Photo: © Getty Images

Kate matched the nice suit with a black turtleneck, dark stockings and her suede Sue pumps. She wore a pretty bow in her hair, the earrings of the oak leaf of Asprey London in the lobes and wore a clutch of mulberry. The duchess met her gaze with her usual ornate eye, rosy cheeks and pink lips. And it's another real rewear! The 36-year-old previously put on the design once in 2012 with a camisole underneath and again in 2017 with a style very similar to today's.

The duchess wore her hair in a ponytail with a bow. Photo: © Getty Images

There were more than a few similarities between the looks of Kate and Meghan. While the mother of three children wore a suit and her pregnant sister-in-law wore a dress, the hems of each of her berry designs were shorter than normal, falling above the knee. They were also dressed in black stockings to keep the cold at bay, although the Duchess of Sussex anchored her look with Givenchy leather booties. Finally, both were combed with a ponytail tied to the crown: Meghan with a lock of hair and Kate with a pretty bow.

Meghan also wore a berry shade in a dress and coat from Club Monaco. Photo: © Getty Images

Prince WilliamThe wife of Salió for a cause close to his heart: the mental and emotional health of children. While at UCL's Laboratory of Developmental Neuroscience, he was able to learn about cutting-edge research in children's brain development, both socially and emotionally, and see the MRI Scan Installation that helps with these studies. He also participated in a round table and met with members of Professor McCrory's team.

Meghan had a beautiful meeting with the women he met during the first half of this year when he learned about his resilience after the Grenfell Tower Fire and worked with them to create Together: Our community cookbook – Your first solo charity project. The book has sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide and has raised more than $ 350,000, according to People, which has resulted in a new installation of Hubb Community Kitchen and new community projects.

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