Rasha bin Mu awiya: Soad Hosni is my best and I want to work with the leader

adminNovember 28, 2018

My focus in Egypt has exposed all my work in Tunisia

I participate in two series of Ramadan season 2019, and I want to work with all of Abu Bakri

I do not make kisses and rounds in the cinema, and I rejected tournaments for this reason

The Tunisian artist Rasha Ben Maawia since her first appearance in the Egyptian drama of the "Over the Cloud" series, drew attention to her outstanding performance and her unique actor talent. For those who do not know her talent, it has emerged from five years when she was awarded the heroic role in a Tunisian series, 2014 and won the best actor award at the Maghreb Festival for the Blind Night of the Moon by Khadija Al-Mukasher.

The film was directed by Magdi Samiri in the series "Night of Doubt", which also won The Best Actress Award. Her last film was "The Purse" by Karim Barhoumah, a short feature film featured on the Carthage Days game, and featured several Tunisian series, including "The Great" and the series "Rose and Book" and "permanence". .

Rasha in dialogue with the seventh day talks about her experience in Tunisia and Egypt, especially when she is going to compete in two events in the season of Ramadan drama 2019 ..

How did you learn the Egyptian dialect?

I love Egyptian movies and shows, and I always look at them. I personally like the Egyptian dialect. Even in Tunisia, I want to declare that I love Egypt and want to work with it, so when I came to Egypt, it was a pleasure for me and my fellow-congratulations congratulated me and encouraged me.

How was the reaction to your first experiences in Egypt?

I presented the Hani Salama series "Over Cloud" and achieved a good reaction and was the beginning of my definition with the Egyptian public and the Arab, and is also featured with the great director Hatem Ali series "Orkidia" was introduced in Dubai and Abu Dhabi . A prominent director has enjoyed working with him.

Among the female actresses coming from Tunisia, do you consider her to have a distinctive experience in Egyptian art?

Surely Sabri is the most successful and the best model, and all the artists who came from Tunisia believe they have achieved success and have had distinctive experiences, but Hind Sabri is still months.

Rasha bin Muawiya in a series over the clouds
Rasha bin Muawiya in a series over the clouds

What roles do you play in and love to offer?

I'm more inclined to play dramatic roles that concern people and their problems, but in Egypt, I want to play the role of a popular girl.

Who is your favorite actress from the Egyptian movie stars?

I love the artist Soad Hosni, and I keep all her movies and I love her and regarded her as my idol in art, such as the movie "Little on Love", scared it out of heart and one of the most loved movies.

Rasha bin Muawiya in dialogue with the seventh day
Rasha bin Muawiya in dialogue with the seventh day

One of the most important directors in Egyptian cinema wanting to work with them?

I would like to work with Ahmed El Sakka, Yousra, Ahmed Ezz, Elham Shahin and Adel Imam. He is a leader. Even though I present a scene, it's a great story and a dream for me.

Rasha bin Muawiyah
Rasha bin Muawiyah

Do you have special relationships in the quality of your roles?

In my life at Reed Carpat I wear "open" clothes, but it's a check and without exaggeration, but I refuse to give kiss and embrace art, but I respect those who offer it is personal freedom, but for me I do not see myself in it and I rejected movies in Tunisia and tournaments because of the scenes with kisses and arms. Although Doublera is the one to give kisses, but as long as my name is put to work, I reject it.

She added: "I do not repeat these scenes or those who offer them, but I see them too, but I do not offer them as well as I do not like to see my children later in these scenes."

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