Raquel Strada ends years of declaration of love for her husband – Actually

adminDecember 30, 2018

"Love is what makes us take the next step," wrote the blogger on social networks.

Raquel Strada decided to end the year with a retrospective on the Instagram publications that have been most successful. Among the dozens of photographs that were shared, the most notable were those shown with their husband, Joaquim Fernandes. Therefore, the blogger paid him another tribute.

"The end of the year is always a balance, and I'm no exception, so I went to see my most commented photos this year. Among them was my first trip to Oscar, my TV show went so well, thanks to you as followed him religiously and one of the most touring covers I photographed this year, Activa. But the most seen and the leaves are always with you, "he wrote, referring to half.

"What just proves what I believe more than anything in life. That love is what makes us take the next step and fight for our dreams and mine for you is undoubtedly a proof of this. Grateful to you and my friends that is the extension of my family, the one I chose. Health, my friends and you my dear. You are the only one I will always keep and care for. In the coming year or in all the others to come, "he concluded.

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