Rapera is criticized for continuing to sing while her ballerina collides The Universal

adminDecember 28, 2018

Rapper Iggy Azalea became the target of strong criticism for following her performance in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, while one of her dancers was on the floor on stage.

The Australian singer performed his song "Black Widow" when one of her dancers suddenly collapsed and began to convulse. One of her companions bends immediately to help her.

The artist took a few seconds to notice, and when she became aware of the incident, she asked for a doctor.

What annoyed the fans was that Iggy continued his show as if nothing had happened. Minutes later, his assistants took the stage to give first aid to the dancer and the concert was over.

After the criticism received in social networks, the rapper shared a statement that clarified what happened. "I thought he had fallen and that his ankle had been twisted. We are shaken by what happened, but fortunately she's fine", he wrote on instagram.

"Sometimes I feel exhausted from this world. It seems that everything I do is an opportunity for people to tell me I'm crap that my music sucks, that my clothes are ugly, I don't care, and that I am a horrible person " pointed

In this video, the moment was recorded:

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