Rania Youssef's view is controversial at the Cairo Film Festival

adminNovember 29, 2018

Rania Youssef surprised the audience with a strange look at the opening of the 40th Cairo International Film Festival, as she changed the closing ceremony.

Rania Youssef
Rania Youssef

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Rania Youssef's extension in the opening

Rania Youssef decided to wear a suit at the opening of the Cairo Film Festival on Wednesday. The costume was made of wide Charleston pants, a closed shirt from the neck, a tie and a long-sleeved jacket jacket with a long tail.

Can Rania Youssef
View of Rania Youssef in the end

Regarding the festival's ending ceremony on Thursday, November 29, Rania Youssef decided to change and wear a dress like a kimono and a team of embroidered hills and so on.

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