Rania Youssef shows "scandalous" at the end of the Cairo Film Festival (video)

adminNovember 30, 2018

Egyptian actor Rania Youssef surprised his audience with a strong appearance at the final ceremony of the Cairo International Film Festival in his 40th session.

Rania appeared on the red carpet in a black dress that resembles a "swimsuit" that shows legs completely and revealing parts of her body.

As soon as Rania Youssef appeared on stage, comments began to shed down activists from social networks, criticizing the entire festival, given that "it's just for object auditing."

"It's a cinema festival and no show for actors," said an activist. "There is no god but God.

Egyptian artist Rania Youssef touches controversy from time to time, in bold uniforms, or circulating videos of her dance in a "mega", where she is always exposed to a major attack because of these behaviors.

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