Randy Orton violently unmasks Rey Mysterio during the SmackDown Main Event

adminNovember 21, 2018

Randy Orton has returned to find new vicious ways to brutalize his opponents, and in SmackDown Live this week, Rey Mysterio was the latest victim of one of Orton's attacks.

Orton and Mysterio met for the first time in the Blue brand in approximately 12 years in the main event on Tuesday night. After a quick round-trip match, "The Viper" came out on top after knocking Mysterio down with an RKO, while the wrestler tried a sliding splash out of the ring.

But Orton was not finished. He pulled out a steel chair, wrapped it around Mysterio's head and led him straight to one of the steel posts outside the ring. Then he ripped Mysterio's mask from his head. The camera never gave a full picture of Mysterio's face, and the referees rushed to throw a towel over his head when the show went off the air.

This is far from being the first time he takes off Mysterio's mask. He lost the sadness in his WCW days during a fight with Kevin Nash and was ripped off a couple of times during his fight with Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental Championship in 2009. But with the exception of certain photos on social networks, WWE usually He does everything possible to keep the true aspect of Mysterio a secret.

After a brief break during the summer to recover from surgery, Orton returned to WWE television in Extreme Rules In July and immediately turned the heel attacking Jeff Hardy. During the following months, Orton made a habit of attacking his opponents in a strange and often uncomfortable manner, including repeatedly twisting Jeff Hardy's ear lobes with a screwdriver and squeezing Tye Dillinger's fingers.

Mysterio made his full-time return to WWE in October at the SmackDown 1000 event, and began to fight with Orton shortly after beating him in a match during the World Cup tournament in the Jewel of the crown event in Saudi Arabia.

Orton was absent from the Survival series Card on Sunday, but since it's on the SmackDown list, it was probably the best. The blue mark was completely swept by Monday night raw on the main card of the program, which includes the traditional tag team eliminating five against five men. Mysterio participated in that match, but was one of four competitors to be quickly eliminated by Braun Strowman.

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