Rami Malek learns to win the Golden Globe easier than attracting the attention of actress Nicole Kidman | VIDEO

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Rami Malek has achieved the Golden Globe for masculine performance in a drama and is a favorite for the Oscar, but she does not work well when she tries to catch Nicole Kidman's actress, cosmopolitan show

Picture of the article Rami Malek teaches that it is easier to win the Golden Globe than to attract the attention of actress Nicole Kidman | VIDEO

Rami Malek learns to win the Golden Globe easier than attracting the attention of actress Nicole Kidman | VIDEO (Photo: Hepta)

Actor Rami Malek has left the Golden Globes with the statue of best actor and is a favorite to win the trophy for interpretation and Oscar.

The main character of "Bohemian Rhapsody" tried to get back on stage and the moment the movie he played was announced as the winner of the Golden Globes. He was still under the feeling of raising his own trophy a few minutes earlier, Malek was "hey" of a slightly embarrassing moment as he tried to get close to Nicole Kidman.

The actor ignored Malek every time he tried to greet her. The Cosmopolitan is ready to swear that the Australian is simply overlooked by the actor. The two were photographed together at the Australian Cinema and Television (AACTA) ceremony in the early days of the year.

The moment has shown:

Malek Victoria was a surprise. The 37-year-old actress not only beat Bradley Cooper, who was the favorite before the ceremony, but by raising the trophy that rewards the best male show in a major role in a drama, Malek is almost certain to be nominated for the corresponding Oscar award.

From 2013, all the actors who took the trophy for interpretation in a drama also took the Oscar for male interpretation. Another argument for Malek's favorite position is that he played the role of a historical figure. Freddie Mercury & # 39; s celebrity, whom the actor thanked him in his Golden Globe speech, recommended him as a favorite for most awards this year, celebrity celebrities have been celebrating over the past few years. Gary Oldman earned an Oscar for Winston Churchill's role in Darkest Hour, a few years ago, Daniel Day-Lewis went to Lincoln, Meryl Streep won the Margaret Thatcher story, and Colin Firth was King George VI.

After thanking Queen and her members, Brian May and Roger Taylor, Malek, who were in their third Golden Globe nomination, thanked Freddie Mercury, "who gave me the pleasure of a living," the actor said. "I love you, beautiful man, the price is owed to you, and you're right, amazing!" Joined Malek.

video https://youtu.be/wN4fcU9GAO8

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