Radu Vâlcan released his unpaired wife and made the public image

adminJanuary 14, 2019

"She published my boyfriend on the Instagram account, today, a picture of her. Sexy, redhead, explosive and makeup. She says … in the old days she was good at that time. This is my favorite picture! Unpretentious and beautiful, I let her down after a meal! I love you, "wrote the presenter on" The Island of Love "in the picture of the picture.

Adela Popescu responded in a typical style. "Come on, dear, why don't you tell me you fell in love with me when I was:" sexy, red-haired, explosive and machiable ", not" after a meal "…. I like you lying to me," replied the man's star and insinuated that he would not be quite honest. "You broke it, I said something nice, I was the perfect man," Radu Vâlcan said. At the end of last year, Adela gave birth to Popescu for the second time after five hours of labor.

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