Radio 2's Zoe Ball insists Sara Cox is NOT her rival and promises, party days are finished

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Zoe Ball has revealed that she and her radio 2 colleague Sara Coz are not rivals – despite the face they have "fought for jobs."

The new Radio 2 Breakfast Show host made her recording after her colleague, Sara, was announced as the new Drivetime show host after Simon Mayo's dismissal.

Sara had been in charge of the morning host Chris Evans on various occasions, and it was reported that there may have been some tensions after her new post was revealed.

But Zoe has defended the BBC chiefs in the deire decisions and insisted that the couple talk throughout the process.

She told Radio Times: "We talked a lot during the whole process.

Sara at BRIT Awards in 2018

"We are old friends and we have always been very supportive to each other. Sometimes she gets jobs I have wanted. We always talk. It worked."

Zoe added: "We don't see each other much again," the couple did not confirm too closely.

However, Zoe has said everything "proved fine" when the couple both got a job at the radio station, but things will definitely be different this time, she insists, as the ladies will both need "eight hours of sleep."

She continued, "We reminisced about the first time, when we sometimes didn't sleep at all. It's so different now. We need eight hours, or we're very lumpy.

Zoe Ball leaves the rumors nightclub after Strictly Come Dancing aftershow party.
Zoe leaves the club Reputation after Strictly Come Dancing aftershow party

"Or seven with an afternoon nap. But you know, she's up there (London), I'm here in Sussex.

"We no longer have a social life. But professionally, at work, we have always supported each other. We start the same day, which is wonderful.

"We'll call each other before to try to stay calm. She's a fantastic broadcaster. She cracks me up. She has so much energy. It has all proven pretty good."

Sara replaces Simon and Jo Whiley, was picked up at the show along with the long-term host, but rumors of excitement flourished before Simon's decision to leave the show.

Zoe will start the government as a breakfest host on Monday 2 on Radio 2.

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