QUEENS: Miss Colombia calls attention to feminids

adminJanuary 10, 2019

The lovely boss shared his attitude to this topic. In fact, Señorita Colombia calls attention to femicides in Valle del Cauca.

Gabriela Tafur, the new face of national beauty, has shown her position on various difficult issues.

In his Twitter account, Tafur decided to put on the table the problem of femicides in his original Valle del Cauca.

For Cali, the number of women killed is alarmingly high in her native Cali.

"9 days have passed and we have had 2 femicides in Cali, last year it ended with 37. What a shame would it give to all Valle del Cauca with those numbers, how long?" Were Tafur's words from his account. Twitter.

A user of the said network replied that perhaps the shame would be the politicians. But she replied that the problem went far beyond the laws, because it is an "idiosyncratic and cultural" problem.

In fact, Señorita Colombia calls attention to women's murder in Valle del Cauca


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