Queen Isabel II died? Boato leaves fans of royalty scared – News

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Many netizens asked if the monarch had been 92 years old, but the rumors are false.

Queen Elizabeth II was exposed to fake news that left many fans scared. It began circulating on Twitter the hashtag #RIPQueenElizabeth, on January 5, and caused many netizens to believe that the monarch had died. But what is certain is that the British royal member is alive and in good health.

According to Hollywood Life, the hashtag was made in "joke" after a Reddit user said in December of December that Isabel II was going to die on January 5 at 92. But both the publication talking about the forecast and the surfer's account is eliminated.

Nevertheless, the prediction, which had many reactions, was not without influence on Twitter, how many netizens asked the false information.

In addition to the hashtag, they also began to circulate false headlines from CNN and BBC about the Queen's alleged death.

But it didn't stop here. The false speculation had such an influence that even that was the one who shared pictures of the queen's alleged burial.

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