Queen Elizabeth II honors Monty Python comedians Michel Palin and Twiggy

adminDecember 29, 2018

Seven British cave divers, a legendary model and a comedian are on the list of Britons who were awarded Queen Elizabeth II on New Year's Day.

it diver In July, they participated in the spectacular rescue of a Thai youth football team from a flooded cave and are now honored for their efforts. Richard Stanton and John Volanthen, the first two divers who entered the cave, were also awarded the George Medal, which provides the kingdom with selfless action and extraordinary courage.

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Honored by the Queen:
"Sir Galahad" is finally a knight

A total of 1148 people on the Friday night published a list of New Year's prices. 70 percent are famous for their special social commitment – for example, work in their own community. 47 per cent of women are women. For the post-terrorist attacks in Manchester and London in 2017, the Queen will be 43 Police and paramedics separated.

For their role as British idealists and for their sporting achievements, art, music or media are also a number of celebrities on the list – such as Lesley Lawson, for example. The model of mini-dress era in the sixties, better known as Twiggy, receives the title Lady of the British Empire. The 69-year-old told the British Press Association that the price was great, but at the same time they "giggle".

Lesley Lawson - aka Twiggy


Lesley Lawson – aka Twiggy

As the first member of the legendary comedy troupe, Monty Python will be Michael Palin knight. The actor, who has also made many travel documents, is honored for his contribution to culture and geography. He will probably not believe in the prize until the first letters of "Sir Michael Palin" arrive, said the 75-year-old.

Actor and documentary filmmaker Michael Palin


Actor and documentary filmmaker Michael Palin

Hollywood director Christopher Nolan, nominated for an Oscar this year with the film "Dunkerque", has also been awarded. He receives the title of Commander of the British Empire.

Also on the list of 1148 prize winners:

  • England's national football coach Gareth Southgate
  • Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason
  • Gruffalo author Julia Donaldson
  • TV presenter Christ Peckham
  • violinist Nicola Benedetti
  • Tottenham Hotspur forward Harry Kane
  • actor Sophie Okonedo
  • authoress Margaret Atwood

The British Merit Statement is awarded in five phases: With an MBE, the Honorable "member" is a member of "the very best order of the Bris Kingdom". The following are the categories OBE (Officer), CBE (Commander), KBE and DBE (Knight or Lady Commander) and the highest level of GBE (Knight Grand Cross or Dame Grand Cross). With the two highest medals, the fees are automatically raised to the non-hereditary peerage. You can from now on Sir or lady ring.

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