Queen Elizabeth II died ?: Royal shock! Queen declared dead on January 5

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Just a reputation? Queen Elizabeth II is said to have passed away.
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"The rest in peace, Queen Elizabeth" – this message made the rounds of the social networks this weekend. According to a Twitter record referring to a CNN article, the Queen of Britain is said to have passed away. What happened there?

Queen Elizbeth II declared herself dead

everything Royals-Fans who are now in shock for life, should be told, not worry Queen Elizabeth II is good and has good health. The message circulated on Twitter is a joke, but apparently someone has been taken to face value and diligently shared. The message is false coverage of a CNN article that has been split several times with the hashtag "RIPQueenElizabeth" on the short message service.

The Queen's death on Twitter for 05.01.2019 predicted

According to Hollywood Life's research, the original post of a Reddit user predicting that the Queen would die on January 5, 2019 came, saying: "Queen Elizabeth was a great queen of England, through good times and bad, and with her passing coming it a mourning time for the whole world. #Ripqueen Elizabeth "- translated:" Queen Elizabeth was a great queen of England in good and bad times, and with her death comes a while with grief for the whole world #ripqueenelizabeth ".

It happens when Queen Elizabeth II actually dies once

The queen is not the first victim of such a joke. Already in 2016, the rumor passed, the 92-year-old monarch died in sleep. Not a joke, though, that it is already a contingency plan, Queen Elizabeth II should actually leave us once, According to a report from the caretaker, an emergency plan was prepared as early as the 1960s. The operation entitled "London Bridge" indicates exactly what to do at the time of the Queen's death. The protocol is then started with the words "London Bridge is down".

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