Queen Elizabeth II: Death Shock! The Queen provides faithful companion

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Queen Elizabeth II must say goodbye to one of her most loyal companions.
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Queen Elizabeth II not only has a heart for corgis, but also for horses. Already at the age of four, she has discovered her love for the animals and is today not only the proud owner of horses, but also loves to ride. Its sad is the loss she now has to deal with.

Queen Elizabeth II in grief: Her horse KH Peston is dead

As "Hi" magazine reports, Queen Elizabeth II had to say goodbye to one of her beloved horses over Christmas. Metropolitan Police confirmed on January 3, 2019 on Twitter that a horse of the Queen has died. The animal is PH Keston. "It is with utmost sadness to announce that PH Keston has died the PH Keston escort queen regularly for various state events and other high profile events, and was a real amount of pleaser for London's people." Thanks for your service Keston Fred! "It stands in the official statement.

Horse and Corgi Fool: Not the first loss of the queen

Queen Elizabeth is likely to hit this loss hard. The 92-year-old is still a passionate horseman, either on horseback or as a spectator of polo tournaments or dressage events. Her love of horses can only be surpassed by those of corgis, whom she has bred. Only in October did the monarch's last corgi die,

VIDEO: That's how Queen Elizabeth II learned about the daughter-in-law's death

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