Queen Elizabeth II: Because her father died in February, this tradition holds for him

adminJanuary 7, 2019

The queen is not only a great regent, but also an absolute family man. With a warm gesture, the Queen reminds her father, who died early, every year.

At Christmas, the whole family travels to Sandringham in the east of the UK. Mostly Queen Elizabeth (92) drives home to her home a few days before the actual holiday, follows the rest of the family and makes sure Sandringham House has a festive mood. Most people start decorating Christmas in early December. Traditionally, the decoration is so common again for the attachment to the Magi on January 6 in the house. But not with the queen. She maintains a special tradition for her father, King George VI. († 56) to honor.

At the top of the video you can see a funny moment of the queen and who escapes from her.

In fact, the Queen and her husband Philip (97) are not returning to London until the beginning of February. On the occasion of his father's death on February 6, the Queen in Sandringham pulls and also the Christmas decoration hangs on to that date. Every year, the Queen wants to celebrate her father, who died at the age of 56. At that time, the monarch was only 25 years old and suffered very much from the early loss. What a nice family gesture!

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