Psychologist who wants to cure homosexuals destroyed in social networks – "so much ignorance"

adminJanuary 11, 2019

About me is a psychologist and president of Association of Catholic Psychologists. It is still at the center of the controversy because it is an integral part of TVI's report on homosexual reproductive therapy, claiming that homosexuality is a disease.

In this report, done by Ana Leal In the channel of Queluz de Baixo, the psychologist, who is part of a kind of "secret society" in Portugal, consisting of psychologists, psychiatrists and priests of the Catholic Church, believes that it is possible to cure homosexuals.

As early as 2016, Maria Vilaça doubted that this sexual orientation originated from a "psychological disorder" and "a serious cultural problem." In a video shared on the Internet, the psychologist himself mentioned that homosexuality is a "curse of sexuality, immaturity. It is an immaturity that becomes pathology."

At that time, the video became viral critics criticizing the psychologist's theories. The same thing is happening at the moment, in social networks.

On the TVI 24 Facebook page there are several comments that criticize Maria Vilaça.

"This lady, if we can call it that, is not the first time she comes up with this kind of conversation. I don't understand how the order of psychologists does nothing. A woman who doesn't know what she is talking about. A woman who doesn't know the term family and Love, "The Relief I Lost. What century are we in? Please I need light" and "So much ignorance" are some comments on the psychologist's statements.

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