Protagonist of My Fat Beautiful comes out of the closet with romantic image with her boyfriend

adminJanuary 9, 2019

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Christian Chávez, Alejandro Tommasi, Mauricio Mejía … Fortunately, more and more Latino actors dare to talk openly about their homosexuality without fear of what they want to say. But when it comes to women, the problem changes drastically. They count actors who dare to recognize the public that they have a relationship with a person of the same sex. The well-known interpreter Venezuelan Marianela González It is the exception that confirms the rule.

The 40-year-old singer, who gave life to the afflicted Pandora in the successful soap opera for RCTV My beautiful fat, cried the four winds a few weeks ago for the first time through social networking love affair of years that he maintains with his bride, the author Amalia Andrade.

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it actor, who has had success Venezuelan soap operas As no one will tell me how you love you (2008) and La traicionera (2011), shared a romantic image at the end of 2018 using his profile Instagram where it looks kiss your partner.

"And today I celebrate every experience, every memory, every fall and every rebirth. I celebrate what I was, what today makes me what I am, what I do not have, what I have and what is coming. I celebrate that nothing stop me, nothing stop me, let me not lock me and i get where i want.i celebrate every person who came to my life, those who went and those who are still by my side, and today more than ever i celebrate You … "wrote Marianela next to the romantic snapshot.

his bride he shared the same picture through their profile Instagram accompanied by the following message: "When we are together, all" Caramba de girls love each other ".

There were many famous people who applauded the bravery actor Marjorie de Sousa, who worked with Marianela in soap opera Ser bonita no basta (2005), I report People in Spanish.

"Bella my sister, congratulations and God bless you," wrote the Venezuelan actress.

Roberto Manrique, who plays Santiago in Telemundo's hit telenovela's senos si hay paraíso, did not take long to congratulate the beautiful couple in love.

"And we celebrate everyone with you, the only thing, the best, the essential: Love," said the Ecuadorian actor.

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