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adminDecember 31, 2018

Loved the series Do you have this evening? The promise of the evening, why not published in the evening.

Every week on Monday nights, Star TV screens are broadcast on the TV series. The question of why he did not publish came to mind.

Ask 66th episode December 31 new episode is not published.

The new part of this week is New Year with the new episode. The new episode of the TV series "Star Tv" on Monday night, January 7, 2019.

Is it a trailer fragment? Why wasn't the new episode trailer published?

When the trailer is not published by Star TV, you can watch the new episode trailer at

What happened in the series' latest series?

Sami, who wants to prevent Yavuz from getting out of the way, has not moved to hurt Yavuz Yava, but his closest relatives. Despite Yavuz's efforts to grow in the workshop, they manage to get Kopuk.

Tim is based on the gates of the foreign base to take Karabatak. They declare the soldiers in the base region that they will not hesitate to give their own life to take the cormorant: there is no dying.

Tim's determination is disturbed by Dragan and his base commander. They must make a plan to get rid of them as soon as possible. Dragan will make this plan the death of the cormorant's nose. But the cormorant replied an oath. He has no intention of dying without killing Shero.

Sami asks him to pay all damages from Yavuz for Kopuk he has held. But he does not know what Yavuz can do to prevent injury to his closest. Sami and his team, who put Kopuk's life in danger, will take a lesson in their lives.

Cormorants, who sacrificed their own lives to capture the perpetrators of the bombing, are a nose to nose with death. Tim makes a final step to save him, but this move is not enough to save the cormorant. The identity of the terrorist Karabatak has been deciphered.

While Tim and Erdem continue to look for Karabatak, he learns that Dragan Karabatak, who grew up in the region, gradually increased his sovereignty.

Yavuz, Sami and his team in the corner. Sami will attack the weakest side of Yavuz to get rid of this situation. Turan and Kopuk & # 39; a Tour

Yavuz teaches that one of Sami men has a secret place. He will have the opportunity to take a step closer to the Sami with the raid he has organized. This neighborhood will give him an important intelligence about cormorants, but will also prevent Turan and Kopuk from attacking him.

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