Producer of "Ugly Duckling", Rodolfo Stoessell, expressed support for the actress accused of sexual abuse

adminDecember 29, 2018

Stoessell has posted on his Twitter account words for support to Argentine, Juan Darthés, accused by various actors of abuse and sexual violence.

December 11, the Argentine actress of 26 years, Thelma Fardin will report that she was sexually abused by the actor Juan Darthés in 2009, different personalities talked about it.

Fardin stated that the incident happened during a trip on Ugly Duckling what was done nicaragua. "One night he started kissing my neck and I said no. He grabbed my hand, made me touch him and said:" See how to put me, "said Argentina.

To which Darthés published in his Twitter account that everything was false and that, contrary to what was said, Fardin was insinuating him.

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However, it was not the first time Darthés would have been charged with sexual abuse. In 2017, Argentina Calu Rivero condemned the actor to torment her during the filming of the series Sweet Love. La Argentina Natalia Juncos He also accused him of sexual violence in 2005, and the actor Anita Coacci He condemned that in 1998 the actor made her touch her member and kiss her powerfully.

Although supporters of support have been added to Thelma Fardin, there are votes, for example Rodolfo Stoessell, clerk of Ugly Duckling, which supports the accused actor's version.

Brother to Alejandro Stoessell, former content manager for Ideas del Sur, has posted on his Twitter account various publications where his position is clear to Fardin's complaint.

He also shares tweets all the time Adrián Bastianeswho has condemned the collective Argentine actresses for "instigating crime and public threat".

Among the testimonies accused of Darthés, the Peruvian actress was included Gianella Neyra. According to the publications from the portal, Neyra would have been harassed during the recording of Culpable's esteem, in 2004.

But the actor assured her Twitter account that it was a lie. Facts that Stoessell also took to retweete.

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