Problematic actress Vajdová: OK with married?

adminNovember 27, 2018

Petra Vajdová comes from an artistic family and she has a perfect started career. Until the law, the men found it behind the wheels of the car after they apparently had taken over more than just a couple of cups. Behind this short-circuit was allegedly unhappy love.

The actor then made another mistaken decision when she had canceled her performance at the theatrical show for last-minute health issues, but one day later she showed up on the shows at Let's Dance. She left later from the competition and gave divorce to the theater.

Problematic actress Vajdová: TEHOTNÁ

After a while, she decided to return to SND, but she had not been heated for a long time and went to healing. From the plant in the Czech Republic she finally left in love. And even though her partner was married, they are still together and Martin plans to divorce. They even have their fiancee and the latest information is about pregnancy.

Plus Plus Day 1 refers daily to a well-informed source claiming that the brunette will be the next mother. We tried to reach out with the actress, but we have not managed to do it yet and did not write down our message.

Petra Vajdova on stage with Milan Ondrej and Zuzana Fialová

Problematic actress Vajdová: TEHOTNÁ

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