Pro TV will broadcast "Saturday Night", a production signed by Nae Caranfil, about student life in the 1980s

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Pro TV will broadcast

"Saturday Night", a production made by Nae Caranfil and directed by Dragoş Buliga, will be broadcast by Pro TV on Saturday 29 December at 20:00.

Production is a story of the life of young students in the last decade of communism in Romania.

"Evening Saturdays", the first episode of a series of 12 that manufacturers are planning to achieve, is inspired by the years of students of Nae Caranfil, screenwriter and production director such as Filantropica, Closer to the Moon or Rest there is silence.

Nae Caranfil, about the story "Saturday night year":

"We started from the premise that the forced regime of these years evolved among the youths when a form of insolvent rebellion: the fun of an anti-system protest. In the absence of movies, TV shows," foreign "music or real career prospects, socialized youths in these the years in infallible or unconventional rooms, but with a frenzy and vitality failure as today's "fitze" clubs I do not know.

The space that gathers all these energies is, in my suggestion, a student residence. But a special – not the "socialist campuses" that piled up, as in a beehive, thousands of polytheists.

It is a smaller-sized space, a beginning of the 20th century that receives the "Home of the Faculty of Arts in Bucharest" feature. Here, students in visual arts, conservatories, letters, theater, film or architecture, coming from different regions of the country, have a "shared" privacy and dreams of brilliant career and international recognition. They are "retired".

In addition, they also roar a number of people from Bucharest, usually colleagues with the first, and look for a way to spend a Saturday night than sitting at home, patting in a city that draws bubbly over anything that can mean good mood. says Nae Caranfil about production.

Short on "Saturday night year":

Ovidiu is a first year student of philology, invited for the first time to a binge in the club of the Faculty of Arts. That's where the story goes and the characters fairy tales meet an obsession: Buy Pink Floyd's first album – The Wall of Romania from a bi-ness.

Author: Iulia Bunea

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