Priyanka Chopra was a pop star in 2013, and everyone slept on it

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While the world is obsessed Priyanka Choprais coming wedding to Nick Jonas, I'm being held in my apartment and watching her music videos on a loop. Oh, wait, did you forget the actress, the activist and Tiffany & Co. is the number one fan Priyanka Chopra was once a pop star? If that's the case, I do not blame you. Her bops, tragically, never beat the Seitgeist as much as her show Quantico-But they should have

Priyanka Chopra launched three songs between 2013 and 2014 that achieved moderate success in India and the American dance charts. She was also chosen artist for a dubious Chainsmoker song, which … we will discuss later.

First, though, we have to talk about Chopras debut single stateside. It is called "in my city" – available to stream on Spotify– and has the "Boom Boom Pow" legend itself The lumpy EDM confection was used as theme song for 2013 for Thursday evening football and created a music video where Chopra dances in dirty outfits near a car.

"The city" Chopra sings on the pitch is targeted ambiguously. In fact, she said during an interview that the city could "be anywhere"-The title of the song should really be" In Min cities. "Plural! Why was I not in the songwriter's room?

But let's move on to what I consider Chopra's pop magnum opus: "Exotic", a duet with father's favorite streak Pitbull. The song is an absolute banger, and TBH would sound even better without Pitbull on it. It's not a shadow; that's just the truth! I need Chopra's uninterrupted "exotic" vocal more than I need air.

Listen to it, below and do your best to humor Mr. Worldwide-Who, surprisingly, raped about how Chopra was once Miss World. See? They are both world-wide!

Chopra's third single, "I can not make you love me", is a cover for the Bonnie Raitt song. It is okay. What's worth talking about, though, is the music video, depicting Chopra acting lovey-dovey with Milo Ventimiglia a.k.a Jack Pearson on This is us. Yep! Before Milo made us cry every Tuesday night, he had Chopra sobbing in a music video for reasons.

Seriously, the story of this video is completely lost on me. Is Priyanka Chopra happy with Milo Ventimiglia? Is she sad? At one point they go around:

PHOTO: Interscope

But shortly thereafter she is like:

PHOTO: Interscope

There is also physical violence in the video, which is uncomfortable in itself, but even more because it is set for a zipping dance stroke. It's all very nice. That said, what was the recognition of Chopra and Ventimiglia's performances? Where was MTV VMA? Not even a nomination for Video of the Year? The people failed them!

We round out Chopra's famous music career with this very tall song produced by Chainsmokers. Even myself, someone listening to Heidi Montag's music with the greatest sincerity can not get into it, but listen to yourself and decide:

Of course, this means that Chopra and Jonas must be dude, right? As a wedding present to the world, they should let out a mashup of "Exotic" and "Bacon." We thank them by sending it up in the charts. Watch out, "Thank you, you next!" A new number is coming.

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