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Weddings, Babies, Deaths, Kind of Destiny: We look back and show what the Queens and Kings, Princesses and Princes had in 2018. In the fourth part: Princess Madeleine and Chris O & # 39; Neill gets her third child and moves with the whole family to USA.

Saturday, it's a girl! On the evening of March 9, 2018, there were once more offspring in the Swedish royal family. Princess Madeleine, 36, gave birth to a healthy daughter, her third child with her husband Christopher O & # 39; Neil, 44. And the seventh grandson of King Carl XVI. Gustaf, 72, and Queen Silvia, 75. Princess Adrienne Josephine Alice is the name of the little one, whom her grandfather proudly proclaimed a few days after birth.

The Swedes and Swedes were completely out of the house. Because the kings of the far north are extremely popular with their people. Not least because of the youngest generation, who regularly conquer hearts with their sympathetic performances and sweet pictures.

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Finally back in Sweden

Popularity does not protect against criticism. This is especially evident in Princess Madeleine. Also because the 36-year-old has lived abroad for several years. Madeleine's first daughter Princess Leonore arrived in New York in 2014, where the monarch lived with Chris O & # 39; Neill. A little later, the little family moved back to Europe, also to be closer to the family. But not to Sweden, but to London, where so far the second oldest Prince Nicolas, 3, grew up.

Therefore, Madeleine has been accused for years of not engaging enough in the royal family's interest in performing too few performances. Critical it difficult for the princess to endure, she said Man once in an interview, "It hurts me every time Madeleine is censored by the audience so as not to act as a princess in Sweden. So I suffer. She works so hard behind the scenes."

It was a great party for baptism

But now many hope that everything can change. Just a month before she became young, the princess returned to her homeland. And in the first few weeks and months after Adrienne Madeleine gave birth to a lot of time with the children in Sweden. Although Chris O'Neill remained the most in London, they held their official residence there. From time to time Madeleine showed up on official occasions in her homeland and enjoyed next to a family break.

The highlight was the absolute baptism of Princess Adrienne on June 8, 2018 – almost exactly three months after birth. The entire Swedish royal family met for the occasion in the castle church of Schloss Drottingholm – a real royal family celebration. Again it was the little ones who attracted the most attention.

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Back to the US

At the beginning of August, everything appeared different than expected. Not Sweden, for example, would be the home of the future to Princess Madeleine and her family – but neither did London. In an official statement, the Swedish royal court announced that Madeleine and Chris are moving to Florida with their family.

It is the ideal time, now that the children are still in pre-school age. Madeleine wants to expand her commitment to the "World Childhood Foundation", the business man O & # 39; Neill in turn, her business from there to pursue.

"Kids are happy"

In September, the time had come and the family moved to Florida. A month later, Madeleine told the Swedish tabloid "Expressen" that she felt very comfortable in her new home. "The children are very happy in the kindergarten and everything works fine." For example, how much the little ones had settled in for a short time, showed a picture of Halloween.

Still, she sometimes feels homesick, Madeleine continued. She misses her family and friends in Sweden very much. "Fortunately, there are phones. And we can keep up to date on FaceTime." And sometimes the family even comes to Florida. For example, when Madeleine's children became ill when the princess was attending a conference followed by a New York galaxy. Granny Silvia, however, was quick on the spot. Finally, the two ladies could even join the event together, because the children were already on their way to recovery – and then Silvia makes a trip to Florida.

Soon Madeleine must be back

Almost Madeleine feels in Florida, in Sweden, sorry for the princess's movement anyway. Although this continues to serve the good cause: after all The "World Childhood Foundation" was even launched by Madeleine's mother Queen Silvia. A question about the heart of the entire royal family.

But some bright spots remain for the Swedes. On the one hand, with Crown Princess Victoria, 41, and Prince Carl Philip, 39, and their families, they continue to have talented young royalty in their homeland. In addition, Madeleine also regularly returns to Sweden, where she still resides. For example, the whole family was present on the 75th anniversary of Queen Silvia – and also spent the Christmas holidays in Sweden.

Anyway, stay in Florida by Madeleine and her family will not be forever. Otherwise, Madeleine would risk the title of her children. Because, as writes, the royal grandchildren must be registered in Sweden, so they retain their title and success requirements. With Leonore this would be in less than a year and a half – until then the Swedes will probably have Madeleine again.

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