Princess Eugenie's wedding has harassed Sarah Ferguson in the royal spotlight

adminOctober 11, 2018

For the excitable real observers, the most interesting thing about Friday's wedding of Princess Eugenia of Great Britain and her fiancé Jack Brooksbank will not be the flashy hats or the couple's carriage ride through the streets of Windsor.

It is the anticipation of the moment in which the prince Prince Philip must recognize the mother of the bride, Sarah Ferguson, former ambassador of the brand for Weight Watchers, at the ceremony inside the Chapel of St. George.

There is even the possibility that the 97-year-old consort of Queen Elizabeth II will stay away from the nuptials completely, so contemptuous is her niece.

The UK's Daily Telegraph reported Wednesday that it will decide in the morning if it will attend, although Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, told The Post that her pride would not allow her to miss the occasion due to Fergie.

"It would be too small of him to let it get in the way," he said. "She is very close to Eugenie and, even taking into account her age, she would not miss her big day".

Royal author Duncan Larcombe agreed, adding that there will probably be an uncomfortable moment when he sets his sights on Fergie.

"Do not expect guns at dawn, but there is no love lost between them," he said. "If there's one thing that the Windsors are good at, it's holding a grudge."

Philip has snubbed the Duchess of York since the summer of 1992. It was then that they photographed the game redhead and sucked the toes of a man who was not his father-in-law's favorite son.

"Do not expect guns at dawn, but there's no love lost between them, if there's one thing that the Windsors are good at, it's holding a grudge."

But Prince Andrew's ex-wife will be at the forefront and at the center of her youngest daughter's marriage. The ostentatious affair will be shown live on TLC.

Charles Rae, a veteran royal correspondent, said: "Fergie will be the second most important person there, after the bride.

"She steals Philip's ears, but she will behave like the cat that received the cream."

The presence as Sarah diva, Duchess of York, raises questions about the role of the 58-year-old man in the current royal family and how it can change in the future. It is not a secret that has been treated as an intruder by other prominent members like Prince Charles and Prince William for a quarter of a century.

But, earlier this year, she made an extraordinary comeback after being invited to the spring weddings of Prince Harry and the American actress Meghan Markle. Some of the wildest applause from the crowd was reserved for Fergie as she made her way to the chapel, head held high, in a navy blue and pink ensemble.

"We have seen a resurgence, especially due to the fanfare surrounding his arrival in May," Seward said. "He was very friendly with everyone and reminded people how he used to be when he first appeared on the scene.

"The little glimpse we had of her that day was like the Fergie of yesteryear."

The British public fell in love with the promised bride of the naval officer Prince Andrew when he kissed him, a little too enthusiastically, on the balcony of Buckingham Palace on the day of his wedding in July 1986.

As a child, the flamed-haired daughter of Major Ron Ferguson, who ran The Guards Polo Club for Prince Philip, used to play ball with her future husband behind the stands at the games. I was used to meeting the queen. When Fergie and the Prince started dating as adults, she looked like the perfect couple.

She seemed to have a happy, everyday personality, embraced her royal duties and never seemed as shy as her only confidant, Princess Diana, Prince Charles's wife.

However, things quickly soured between the British and Fergie in 1987, after she competed on a British television show in a medieval costume. Reports of his extravagant expenses arose. After the birth of her daughters, she gained weight and the newspapers brutally called her "The Duchess of the Pig". Later, Diana stopped talking to him after writing in her biography that Di had given her plantar warts with a pair of borrowed shoes. They never managed to compensate Diana's death in 1997.

Princess Beatriz, Sarah Ferguson and Princess Eugenia at an event in London.
Princess Beatriz, Sarah Ferguson and Princess Eugeniafalse images

Meanwhile, his relationship with Andrew deteriorated in large part due to his long absences at sea and, when he was at home, his penchant for vegetables in front of the television. In March 1992, an announcement was made of their friendly separation. This did not prevent a BBC diplomatic correspondent from telling viewers: "The knives are out for Fergie in the palace."

Three months later, explosive photos of Fergie's paparazzi emerged, playing topless with his financial advisor, Johnny Bryan, in southern France. His children were in some of the other frames.

"I was on the Scottish property of the queen in Balmoral when the news came," Rae recalled, noting that, despite the separation, Fergie was still welcome as part of the family at that stage. "An adviser told him immediately that it would be better if he went to London."

The subsequent scandals that led to her divorce in 1996 included that the Duchess had a $ 6.5 million debt to the royal bank, Coutts, because of her love of travel, clothes and luxury spas. In 1995, Lord Charteris, the queen's former private secretary, called it "vulgar." Vulgar, vulgar, vulgar. "

Rae explained: "His father was interviewed by the newspapers and said:" That's what daughters do, they spent too much. "He showed what kind of world these people lived in."

The mother of two tried to pay her creditors by relaunching in the United States for a period of 11 years. After the divorce, she backed companies like Weight Watchers, Wedgwood and Avon makeup, who regularly cross the pond on business. After a while, she took a house in the United States.

But back in the United Kingdom, the hapless duchess continued making headlines for the wrong reasons. In 2010, it was videotaped by undercover reporters "selling access" to Prince Andrew, then envoy of the British government, to an alleged Arab Sheikh for $ 665,000.

A year later, she appeared on Oprah and admitted that she had been cheerful during the meeting. She also blamed herself for many other mistakes. The friendship of the women caused Fergie to appear on the 9-part television series "Finding Sarah" on the Oprah Winfrey Network, where she met with financial adviser Suze Orman (who had harsh words about her overspending) and Dr. Phil

It was around this time that he worked with a New York-based media consultant who spoke with The Post on condition of anonymity.

"I was determined to succeed in the United States because I was a pariah in the United Kingdom," the consultant said. "She had had enough contact with the gurus to want to become one, she wanted to be the next Oprah, basically, she was the Becky Sharp of her time."

His ambitions never came true, possibly due to his reluctance to make decisions.

"The problem with Fergie was that she knew business people, accepted everything they said and then knew someone else [rival] Group and do the same, "said the source. "She was bitterly disappointed because she never did it in the US If she suddenly got a call from ABC, she would know.

"She loves Americans and her positive attitude, basically she was born in the wrong country."

He turned himself over to his non-profit organizations, including Children in Crisis, an international aid organization, but the problems knocked on his door once again in 2012. Turkey issued an international arrest warrant for Fergie, alleging that he had violated the law by to transfer with a Television Team in an orphanage and invading the privacy of children. Luckily for the former king, the case disappeared.

"She is 100 percent dedicated to her charitable work," said Seward, whose upcoming book, "My Husband and Me," documents the 70-year marriage of the Queen. "She is a big-hearted person."

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank pose after announcing their commitment.
Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbankfalse images

And big hearts need big paychecks. She does not receive any stipend from the royal family (although, in the past, she has enjoyed the rescues of Prince Andrew and her shadowy pedophile friend Jeffrey Epstein.) As page six was revealed exclusively this week, Fergie has just been named person to The "Italian Diet" after signing a contract with controversial dietitian Jean Lucca Mech, the regime allows followers to eat pizza, pasta and even chocolate as a means to lose weight.

The money will certainly help the Duchess to live the way she has become accustomed. She resides, without paying rent, with her ex-husband at Royal Lodge, the former home of the Queen Mother on the royal property of Windsor. Sharing houses has been your living arrangement from time to time since your divorce. According to Seward, it works exceptionally well. Neither Prince Andrew nor Fergie have remarried or have maintained serious relationships since their separation, although Fergie was romantically united for several years to her "fellow" Italian Count Gaddo della Gherardesca.

"Andrew is his best friend and they get along better than when they got married," Seward said. Interviewed for her 18th birthday in Tatler magazine in 2008, Princess Eugenia, now 28, called her parents "the best divorced couple I know."

The ex-husband and wife bought a $ 17 million villa in Verbier, Switzerland, in 2015. There, Fergie received Prince Harry and his then girlfriend Cressida Bonas for a vacation. Despite being excluded from the guest list at her brother William's wedding with Kate Middleton, in April 2011, the Duchess has developed a warm and lasting relationship with Harry.

"She was very good with him," Seward said. "And it was nice to be invited to her wedding with Meghan, even if it was just the ceremony and lunch.

"Fergie was not invited to the party at night, even though her ex-husband and children were, and she is constantly reminded that she is a person in the middle of the community."

When asked if Sarah could remarry Andrew, Seward is not convinced. "The reason she has not done it is because she left the royal family, it was too stifling, now she has the best of both worlds, living with her prince without the restrictions of being married to him," she said. .

Rae, author of "The Princess of the People" and "Queen Mom – Her first one hundred years" does not agree. You can hear a second round of wedding bells, but only after the death of Prince Felipe.

"It would never happen in his life," he told The Post. "If the queen were still a monarch, she might well give him permission, but if Prince Charles is king, it could be more difficult.

"That said, when Charles has the best job, with Camilla advising him, he may not care."

One thing is for sure: Fergie can not wait for the most immediate event of Eugenie's wedding with the businessman Brooksbank. The occasion is ready to rival Harry and Meghan for glamor and celebrity. In addition to David and Victoria Beckham, guests include Sir Elton John, James Blunt, Sophie Dahl and Robbie Williams.

The queen will rest in a lavish lunch for the 850 guests after the newlyweds parade through Windsor in a horse-drawn carriage. The procession, allegedly insisted by Prince Andrew, who wants his daughter to enjoy all the trappings of royalty, has caused controversy in the UK because taxpayers are paying the $ 3.5 million security bill. More than 18,000 people signed a petition addressed to the House of Commons requesting that the royal family pay Eugenie's wedding in full.

But the man in the street will not be responsible for the sumptuous after party at Royal Lodge, which Fergie will preside over Friday night and well into Saturday.

"She will love her time back in the sun," Rae concluded. After all, at the time of these celebrations, Prince Philip should be well tucked into bed with a cup of hot chocolate.

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