Princess Eugenie explains why she felt so much anger after the operation

adminDecember 27, 2018

Beatrice's sister opened her heart to talk about her health.


December 26, 2018, at 4:50 p.m.

Princess Eugenie spoke openly about the trauma surrounding her diagnosis of scoliosis and the way surgery scar inspired her wedding dress. Prince's daughter Others revealed to the international press that he intended to show the back and scar on the model to be demarcated, and after some meetings made an important conclusion. "We realized that the back of the dress was the centerpiece, and a veil would remove the scar and the beautiful design they created", remember.

The operation that would have changed her life for 12 years brought a mixture of emotions that included a certain anger. "Will I be able to practice sports? Should I be the same? Should I miss school and stay? I remember being angry that I couldn't run and play", revealed in remembering the important role of his mother, Sarah Ferguson, which helped her make this difficult experience something positive. It was this same testimony that brought together other people suffering from the same disease and remembered that Eugenie underwent the same surgery. "Look at her scars and how she stands", remembers Sarah Ferguson.

It is recalled that the sister to Beatrice is now the cartridge for Royal National Orthopedic Hospital. Recently confronted with a matter similar to you, she was happy to help, through her testimony, a recently operated seven-year-old girl who could not sit down.

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