Princess Diana was not in the royal gag on her first Christmas

adminNovember 25, 2018

Meghan Markle already has this tradition since she practiced last year with a strange gift of her own.

When Princess Diana celebrated her first Christmas as a member of the royal family, she was not informed of the Queen's gift protocol. While Diana made sure that all the members of the family received a gift, she had no way of knowing that she was exceeding in the purchase of those gifts. Princess Diana was not aware of the Queen's tradition of buying gifts that did not cost much more than the spare change from the average person's pocket.

The idea of ​​Queen Elizabeth for gifts among royalty is the polar opposite of what you would expect. These people have money at their disposal, so extravagant gift giving is not a problem. Although Diana gave abundant gifts to her in-laws for her first Christmas as a princess, the gifts did not meet with the tradition of giving gifts from the Queen.

Christmas shopping among the royal ensemble does not involve much more than a trip to a five and ten cents store. For example, Prince Harry proudly presented a bathing cap to his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, a few years ago. The word on the cap said: "Life is not shit!" What is even more surprising is that the Queen loved it. This is the kind of gift that members of the royal family exchange for their Christmas holidays.

According to Brian Hoey, a royal biographer, Prince Charles obtained a white toilet seat covered in leather one year by Princess Anne. He loved this special "throne" so much that when he traveled he went with him, informs the Well-informed person.

It seems that the royal family gives each other items that cover the realm of the fool, although they can be useful. Above all, these gifts are also cheap in price. Prince Phillip got a peppermill with a light in it one year. The queen's husband also got fishing flies crafted by Kate Middleton for a Christmas present.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana

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Kate also gave her husband Prince William a hat for Christmas one year. It is also known that he distributes homemade strawberries and plums for Christmas to a few family members.

While it is known that Kate Middleton gives thoughtful gifts, she did show that she has a sense of humor with the gift she gave Prince Harry a year. Just before Harry met Meghan Markle, Kate gave him a "grow your own girlfriend" kit.

Prince William even received a china game with Winnie the Pooh theme for Christmas one year, according to Magazine of the people. The royal family seems to have a sense of humor.

Queen Elizabeth at her desk with a Christmas tree behind her.

Reina elizabeth at Christmas

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It seems that Meghan Markle has a leap in this tradition. She has not stayed with the jokes, since her mother-in-law was during her first vacation as royalty. Although she is not officially part of the royal family for the Christmas festivities of last year, she received a joke gift for the queen.

Meghan gave a singing hamster to Queen Elizabeth. This caused a burst of laughter from the queen when she opened Meghan's gift.

So, what did Princess Diana give her new relatives for her first Christmas as royalty? Diana did not know about the gifts the royal family exchanged, so she bought cashmere sweaters for the group. They were beautiful, but the sweaters were very far from the realm of a joke gift. When everything is said and done, it is the thought that counts.

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