Princess Diana secretly concealed during the prince's pregnancy

adminDecember 29, 2018

Prince Charles never abandoned Diana of Wales.

Even more than 20 years after her death, Princess Diana continues to make "too much ink" in the press. This time, The Sun publishes revealing details of the period when "People's Princess" was pregnant with Prince Harry, from an interview she gave in 1991.

After he was the father of William, Prince Charles waited with much desire for a girl. Knowing this, Princess Diana chose to hide as much as possible the child's gender so that Isabel II's son would not be disappointed.

However, it was not successful. According to The Sun, a moment after the birth, Lady Di listened to an unpleasant comment from Prince Charles. "Oh God, he's a boy. He is a redhead, "the heir of the British throne said.

In the interview, Princess Diana confessed to being disillusioned with her husband's attitude, a feeling that it was even worse on the day of Harry's baptism. According to "People's Princess", Prince Charles will have commented on his mother-in-law: "We were so disappointed, we thought it would be a girl."

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