Princess Charlotte: Betrayed during shopping: Mom has her cute nickname for her

adminDecember 31, 2018

Mäuschen, Sparrow & Engelchen: When it comes to pet names for their children, parents are creative. Duchess Kate is no exception. As she calls her little daughter, she has now come out for Christmas.

The customers of a major craft store, home decor, home and garden in the British town of King's Lynn hardly believed their eyes as they made their last purchase just before Christmas. For even the Duchess Kate (36) did with her sweet offspring even last errands – and without much Sicherheitsarmada or fuss. Along with her mother, Prince George (5) and little sister Charlotte (3), it went through the department store.

Like many other families, the Royal Trio chose carefully pictures, books, and stationery. The three were discovered by teacher Sarah Daniels (43). She tells the British news portal "": "As I strolled through the shelves, I noticed a tall, dark-haired woman at the end of the corridor, thinking," I know that face. "

After all, she acknowledged Cambridge's and even heard from close-up, with which cute nickname Kate addresses her little Charlotte. Because when she just sat down on the floor while she was shopping, she warned Mama Kate with love: "Get up, pop!" The pope is a popular English nickname and means in German as much as loved one. Just fantastic normal!

Charlotte makes hearts melt where she goes! In the video above, we show you a never seen picture of the mini-princess, which she calms us.

She looks like Dad William

Recently, a very special picture of the little princess became the focus of the audience. It was created at the wedding of Princess Eugenie (28) in October. Then, the mini-Cambridge laughs on the stairs of St. George's Chapel with an eerie appearance in the camera.

Although the little girl stands next to Mama Kate, royal fans discover immediately: She looks like her father William (36) confused when he was a child. The proof? A shot of William from 1992. With just the same look as his cute daughter, he solves the photographer. Even the little smile that plays around his lips, we can look at Charlotte. How striking is the similarity? Convince yourself in the video below.

She's a dad - at least if you believe in this picture


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