Princess Charlène: Sugar-sweet insight into her Christmas

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Two tense four-year-olds look forward to the Christmas man counting the days until he finally comes down to the chimney to greet him with a sugar ritual – that's the kind of thing we can do for Christmas at
Princess Charlene
, 40, and her husband Prince Albert, 60. In an interview with the French magazine "Point de Vue", she uncharacteristically revealed how she spent her vacation at the Monegasque Court in the company of her loved one. And it obviously went heartbreakingly sweet and thoroughly turbulent to.

Princess Charlène gives intimate insight into her Christmas

For four years, Princess Charlene's children, Jacques and Gabriella, are now old – an age where Christmas with all its charm remains the greatest. And Santa Claus brings the many gifts, so much for the mini-kings apparently.

Jacques and Gabriella think very much about Santa

And if you do so much, you have to repeat. Thus, the two four-year-olds obviously developed a ritual to give the Santa Claus a little joy: "They always give him a glass of milk and biscuits and water and grass for the reindeer."

The monegasian kings celebrate as normal

Although they are Monaco's ruling princely family, it is behind the Prince's walls, Princess Charlene,
Prince Albert
But then Gabriella and Jacques at Christmas are no different than other families. "Our Christmas morning begins with excited children who can't wait to open their gifts and loud dog barking," the South African French magazine says. And apparently Christmas is not just something special for the two junior kings, even the Prince appreciates the family gathering. "We all gather under the tree, my husband is happiest when he is with Jacques and Gabriella, and he will always wear something special for the occasion."Add Princess Charlène in no time.

Princess Charlène: A little bit of TV can't miss Christmas

After the official section under the Christmas tree, a monegasian couple of princes can also set their feet up. "We have a little snack in front of the TV while the kids check their gifts with their cousins, cousins ​​and friends"remember Princess Charlene.

Prince Albert + Princess Charlène

The prince and the beautiful swimmer

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