Prince William: Here he clearly shows his aversion to Meghan Markle

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Is it really Prince William that makes it difficult for Meghan Markle?
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The coverage of the alleged Zickenzoff between Meghan Markle and her sister Kate Middleton does not end. While the Duchess Kate and Duchess Meghan were at Christmas in SandringhamAfter smelling rumors, Kate's husband, Prince William, had no need to hide his true feelings about his son-in-law.

Prince William demonstrates aversion to Meghan Markle

Because, as the British media read, it actually seems to be the future heir to the throne, not Kate Middleton, who has a problem with his brother's brother, Prince Harry. In a videoshows the entire royal family after the Christmas service in Sandringham, it is basically that Prince William dislikes recognizing his sister-in-law.

Prince William ignores Duchess Meghan in Sandringham

When the Duchess Meghan turns to his brother-in-law in an attempt to start a conversation with him, he turns quickly to focus on scarves and does not have to talk to the expectant mother. It's also a gesture RoyalsFans do not go unnoticed. Because otherwise the 36-year-old is always in a good mood at public exhibitions and having a chat. Here he does not even complete his sister-in-law Meghan Markle to smile. A behavior that speaks volumes.

Can Kate Middleton's husband Duchess Meghan not stand?

So is it really Prince William who doesn't approve of his brother's affiliation with the ex-actress and not his wife Kate Middleton? According to "Mirror", the future heir to the throne before the wedding, Meghan Markle's fitness doubted as his brother's wife, after which the two men are clearly spaced. According to a common friend, Prince Harry believed his brother would not do anything to welcome his fiance to the family. The dispute had only been settled when her father hit Prince Charles.

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