Prince Philip picks up his first truffles

adminJanuary 9, 2019

The British Queen Elizabeth II Consortium is apparently the first person to plant a Périgord truffle plantation on the British Isles. Philip had the idea for over decades.

Georges Waser, London

According to The Times, Prince Philip is the first person to succeed in establishing a plantation of Périgord truffles on the British Isles. (Image: Joe Giddens / AP)

According to The Times, Prince Philip is the first person to succeed in establishing a plantation of Périgord truffles on the British Isles. (Image: Joe Giddens / AP)

On New Year's Eve, Times published an article that confirmed eleven members of the royal family number of public duties they performed during the year. Firstly, Princess Anne, interestingly, was the most irresponsible member of royalty, and just behind her was the successor Charles. And the younger members of the royal family? Prince William was far away, yet a duty to Camilla – who, by the way, was once described by a court as "the most industrial woman in Britain." Remarkably absent were the princes consortium; but you know that Philip had released in 2017 with a lot of noise from all these tasks.

However, the same issue of the paper also contained another article that Philip has recently become the first person to successfully plant a plantation of Périgord truffles in the British Isles. After his marriage to Elizabeth, Philip had taken over the supervision of Sandringham House, the private property of the British royal family in the county of Norfolk. The associated land has an abundance of alkaline soil – and then Philip finally came up with the idea of ​​cultivating truffles. Twelve years ago he planted over 300 hazelnuts and oak plants impregnated with truffle spores and cost him around £ 5,000. When his truffle-crushing dogs hired him for four years, nothing seemed to work, so Philip consulted Italian experts. These pointed to him that he may have to wait until 2021 for the first fall – to this year's centenary.

But as the island people already know, Philip is indestructible. Thus, in the first week of January, many English publications also took the theme of the Times. In particular, the daily record of the royal family exceeded Philip with compliments. Spending his ninety eight years in an armchair is not this man's style – rather Philip is innovative and always turned on. He was also the one who feared for days in Windsor before Christmas, to convey good wishes to all the servants. No doubt, for the Daily Mail, Philip is a good example of an action man. It was missing from the article just the suggestion that Prince Consort could replace Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond.

To join truffles: Eight years ago, Philip had been predicted by the Daily Telegraph for his first fall at a price of ninety pounds per hundred grams – while Times writes that he should be the same amount from his first fall loose about 200 pounds. There is another saying that the kings do not understand how to make money! Just imagine how many years ago, Earl of Spencer's savings, when the impending marriage of Diana's daughter to Prince Charles became known, immediately sought to sell their port wines to the public. And also said that Charles proves today as an entertaining. To his father Philip made the fact that this opened in Windsor Castle the first "farm shop" of the royal family. In Sandringham again, Philip operates commercial cultivation of apples, gooseberries and black currants, which are sold for the production of Ribena fruit juice.

The size of the Philips truffle harvest is not known. However, a truffle expert consulted by the prince will know that nothing was sold from this first crop, but everything was consumed by members of the royal family. Interestingly, according to a former chef, chocolate in Buckingham Palace was rarely on the table long and was barely affected by the queen. Is it perhaps that younger generations of royalty led to a change in taste and eating habits? On the Internet, at least a short film recently showed the keen Camilla on a truffle process – this when you visit her with Charles in Australian Canberra.

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