Prince Harry would refrain from real title … but listened to his grandmother – Current

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Queen Elizabeth II persuaded him to continue to bear the burden of royalty.

Since marrying Meghan Markle in May 2018, becoming Duke of Sussex, Prince has given letters to various events where he represents the royal family. But this was not one of his goals … It seems that Princess Diana's youngest son wanted to leave the official functions even before they got them.

According to Penny Juror, royal expert at the Daily Express, Harry wanted to surrender the title to get away from the real features altogether. "I would give up the reality and the obligations to live a different kind of life," she said.

And he was almost there, it was not for the intervention of Queen Elizabeth II. A conversation between grandmother and grandson will make Harry withdraw from his decision. "Finally, he ended up shifting his mind, continuing to be part of the royal family, and was pardoned by his grandmother," he added.

It is known that Harry's attempt to move away from the prince's life took place before the Meghan Markle meeting.

This and other information can be found in the recently published book by Juror, Meghan Markle: The American Princess.

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