Prince Harry: New claim: He wouldn't be a prince anymore! But he continues for the queen

adminJanuary 8, 2019

The royal family without Prince Harry? Unthinkable! And yet, Queen Elizabeth's grandson once thought seriously to escape his role and lead a secluded life.

Goodbye, Kensington Palace, I'm out! Somehow Prince Harry (34) had once dismissed himself. But he didn't have vacation in mind, but a goodbye forever. At least, the royal cinema Penny Junor claims in the documentary film "Meghan Markle: American Princess". "I think there was a real danger that Harry would say goodbye to the royal life and his royal obligations and live somewhere secluded," quotes "" the author. "Finally, he remains a royal." And it was just because of a person.

In the video above you see Harry cinema Angela Levin in the exclusive interview. She also thinks Harry is reluctant to be a prince. Why she herself thinks he has a trauma you want to learn there.

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