Prince Harry: British Royal participated in the Phase Act

adminDecember 27, 2018

Updated December 27, 2018, 14:56

According to rumors, he wanted his wife Duchess Meghan back for this year's sake. But now "The Sun" reports that Prince Harry brought the family phantom with his family.

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Last year, he left participation in the incident for his animal-loving wife, Duchess Meghan, who was not yet married. But this year, Prince Harry followed his brother Prince William and his father, Prince Charles, into the forest of Sandringham Manor by the British royal family. The day of the book day, which traditionally takes place on December 26, is a highlight for male members of the family in the calendar year.

It was fed with the wives

"William and Harry spent the whole day hunting, and Kate and Meghan came for lunch with the queen and the rest of the royals," the sun sold an insider. Prince Philip, the 97-year-old husband of the queen, was not in the hunt, according to the source, but also joined the family dinner together.

A few weeks before the planned December 26, hunting rumors spread that Prince Harry would give up his wife for the shooter's sake. But the Duchess Meghan now gave his dearest permission to continue the family tradition.

Harmony in Windsor's house

The family collection had another positive effect: The Queen was "pleased" with it, the unspecified source is further cited in the newspaper, "that Kate and Meghan have solved their problems and the year ended in harmony for the whole family." Previously, the rumor mill had also bubbled in this direction that there had been tensions between Duchess Kate and Duchess Meghan.

Especially since November, when Harry and his wife announced leaving Kensington Palace and moving to Windsor at Frogmore Cottage, rumors continued. But the solemn family dinner on December 26 does not testify to deep deviations. (JOM)
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