Prince Harry and Pregnant Meghan Markle will move from the palace: They will not live next to William and Kate, and that's why

adminNovember 28, 2018

Prince Harry and his pregnant wife Meghan, a duchess of Sussex, would soon move from Kensington Palace. Interestingly, they decided to live not only near Prince William and Duke Kate, and we know why …

Prince Harry and his pregnant wife, Meghan, would soon move from the Kensington Palace

Prince Harry and his pregnant wife, Meghan, would soon move from the Kensington Palace

Source: SITA

Currently there is a two-bedroom apartment in Kensington Palace

Today, Prince Harry lives with his pregnant wife Meghan, the duchess of Sussex, in Nottingham Cottage with two bedrooms in Kensington Palace. He lived here when he was not married to Meghan. But as many foreign media have reported, among them, and Elle magazine, because their family is already growing up soon, wanting to change housing and find something more spacious. Interesting, but they will leave Kensington Palace altogether. This means that they will no longer live near the rest of the family.

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They will not live behind the door of Williams and Kate

More recently, it was speculation that Harry and Meghan could move into the currently occupied 21-bedroom apartment at Kensington Palace, adjacent to Prince William and Duke Kate. But the spokesman in the palace denied that Harry and Meghan would be interested in this still occupied apartment, where the cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, Duke of Gloucester and his wife, Birgitte van Deurs, lives today. He even added: "Harry and Meghan will move and need more space, but they will not live next to William and Kate."

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Both prince have separate lives, but also authorities

The reason, however, is not mutual disagreement or antipathy, but only the two prince already have their own families, are self-sufficient and logically need more privacy. So it does not seem like a good idea to live right behind the door of William, Kate and their three children. In addition, each of their affairs deals, although they also have some common activities. So they have not only their own lives but also quasi-independent authorities, and within them they have the responsibility to spend their time apart from the family. Therefore it is not excluded that their new home will be even outside of London.

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However, the royal source acknowledges that nothing is definite, and the plans for Duke and Duchess can be changed. It is also possible to use own money to buy their own place to call home.

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