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adminOctober 31, 2018

The official declaration of the wedding of Charles and Camilla said that "it was intended that Mrs. Parker Bowles use the title of HRH Princess Consort when the Prince of Wales acceded to the throne."

One source has surprisingly claimed that the critical word in that statement is "intentional" because Clarence House was trying to buy time for the British public to shelter Camilla. Charles decided that before his wedding he would be the queen.

The anonymous source told the Daily Mail: "There was no doubt in his mind at that time, and I honestly do not think anything has changed."

"In fact, I think he has hardened his resolve.

"His marriage to Camilla is legal. She happens to be his second wife. That's. Did not one of Henry VIII's wives get the title?

The source also said that when Prince Charles becomes king, Camilla will be called "Queen Consort", whether the public wants it or not.

They said that for Camila not to be called a queen when Charles took the throne, a change in the old law would be required because all the wives of the other kings in the past have been called queens.

She, like Charles, has also spent the last few years preparing for the event of the Queen's death, despite the robust health of 92 years of age.

It is said that the two worked hard to soften the folds of his public image after the end of his marriage to the late Princess Diana and the discomfort caused by his infidelity.

The tours the couple takes are more state visits in preparation for when Charles enters and takes the throne from his mother, the source said.

But new information about Charles, who has been dubbed "the most radical Royal Royal in Windsor's history," paints the 69-year-old from a different perspective.

It is said that the "King of the shadow" was "rebelled against his mother, insisting on a monarchy that is radically different from his mother," was revealed in the new documentary The Royal House of Windsor.

In one example, Charles publicly "embarrassed" the queen and was described as "a petulant and selfish beginner" after rejecting a state dinner hosted by then Chinese President Jiang Zemin in an unprecedented act of rebellion.

In addition to "meddling in politics," it was also said that his love affair with Camilla was "extremely damaging" to the Crown.

Although the Queen calls her "an evil woman," the monarch seems to have cheered up while raising her daughter-in-law to her most important advisory body, the Privy Council.

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