Pretty shiny: GNTM-Greta shows Body to the bar

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Deep insight from Greta Faeser (22)! In 2017 she was one of Germany's next top models as one of the favorites – then she left the show completely unexpected. Since then, the model has been joyful fans with professional snapshots on their social media profile, and likes to present themselves as easy-dressed. Now a rather spicy eye catching eye: Greta almost ran out of a picture!

on Instagram The flu shared the revealing picture. Then Greta has a red bikini that only covers her nipples. But the almost transparent bathing equipment quickly becomes a small issue: Without raising, the former GNTM competitor pulls her panties so far forward that one gets a clear view of the lower part of the body.

And how do the followers find the warm summer motif for the 22 year olds? Opinions split! Besides many positive feedback, two users commented: "I used to like you, but why do you have to take such provocative pictures now?" and "You can also set the nude directly in front of the camera." What do you think about the bikini image? Tunes!

Greta Faeser, ModelInstagram / greta.officialPhotos Gallery Button
Greta Faeser, Model
Greta Faeser, Ex- "Germany's Next Top Model" candidateInstagram / greta.official

Greta Faeser, Ex- "Germany's Next Top Model" candidate
Greta Faeser, ModelInstagram / greta.official

Greta Faeser, Model

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