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The showrunner Angela Kang breaks the beginning of the end of the reign of Andrew Lincoln.

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For the franchise, the premiere of the ninth season of AMC & # 39; s. The Walking Dead Much is at the height of its title: "A new beginning". For leader Andrew Lincoln, however, marks the beginning of the end.

After more than 100 episodes that inhabit the iconic role of post-apocalyptic cowboy Rick Grimes, Lincoln is about to bid farewell to The Walking Dead, at some point not revealed in the season ahead. The grassroots work for his departure is now clear and present thanks to Sunday's premiere events, which project Rick as an optimistic and open-eyed leader of Alexandria's Safe Zone, even if he's not exactly comfortable with his new celebrity status.

In all communities, including the Sanctuary, Rick is considered the man who ended the war with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and forged a lasting peace among all these warring factions. The truce seems unstable, however, with Daryl (Norman Reedus) rejecting his own role in front of the Saviors, preferring to keep a narrower circle, not to mention Maggie (Lauren Cohan) executing Gregory (Xander Berkeley), consolidating his status as a leader willing to share deadly consequences.

"For this first episode, we're trying to be true to the feel of the comics, while paying homage to some of the stories we started to set up at the end of the previous season," says new showrunner Angela Kang. The Hollywood Reporter about how the premiere of the season sets the stage for the eventual departure of Lincoln. "We left Maggie and Rick somewhat at odds, very much in disagreement, actually, for the decision to keep Negan alive, that's one of the things that underlies the episode." We made the decision not to turn it into something that they argue verbally. " a lot. It comes out in a different way. It's almost as if Negan was a ghost in Rick's process. "

There is another ghost that haunts Rick's decisions, both in the premiere and in the next episodes: Carl (Chandler Riggs), killed during the events of "All-Out War", a massive departure from the original material written by Robert Kirkman and illustrated by Charlie Adlard. . "In the history of the show, which is different from the history of comics, Carl is gone," says Kang. "That's an important part of what keeps Rick going now."

From Kang's perspective, the story of season nine by Rick Grimes represents one of the unknown qualities of the Living Dead hero: "What is really interesting to write with Rick is that he is a man who really thrives on a mission." When he does not have a mission, he disagrees, and sometimes the death of characters really misguides him. the next project to work on is animated, we wanted to stay true to that aspect of Rick. "

Enter: the literal bridge that Rick wants to build to facilitate travel, contact and conversation between the various communities, communities that are not always face to face, as evidenced by the premiere of the season. Kang promises that the broken bridge will be "a big part of the story that advances", while Rick is thrown into the construction of a huge metaphor. In fact, if we are taking a moment to speculate here, one can easily see how the bridge can inform Rick's eventual departure from the series. Rick, somehow, losing his life to protect the bridge, inspiring broken relationships to heal and strengthen himself in his honor, really writes to himself.

Regarding his role as a leader, however, it is not one that Rick easily uses. As Kang describes the man: "In a way, it feels like a dinosaur after the war, it's strange that it's the famous Rick Grimes." He does not like that. She has moved a little away from being Alexandria's only leader, Michonne is taking on more and more of a role, we wanted to get that right here, and I'll see more as the season unfolds. "

"We are trying to establish where the different characters are in relation to Rick," he continues. "In many ways, Rick has led this most positive and collaborative world by saving Negan, it's almost as if he wanted to, but there are still cracks, it came at a cost, it came at the expense of some people … Maggie's heart is We are beginning to see cracks in the relationship with Daryl, even though these are people who love each other, they are moving away from each other, Rick feels that, it is painful for him, a man who was looking for his family, and here's the family he has now, it's a big part of the history of the season. "

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