Pregnant! Actress Petra Vajdová is waiting for her toxic lover from the medical baby!

adminNovember 27, 2018

Petra will be my mother next year next year.

Actor Petra Vajdová (33) survived more than ever before. Everything triggered by her last year's August trip under the influence of alcohol when the police caught her. She decided to fight her problems and went to the anti-alcohol treatment in the Czech Republic, where she found her new love. However, your relationship was quite good at the tournament. The couple has a happy news!

Petra Vajdová was one of the successful and busy actresses for many years. In addition, she gave her voice a number of film and foreign stars. In recent years, however, it has done more than enough. Since it was captured by the police behind the steering wheel with 2.4 promilators in the blood, it was down with water. She left the tent's show Let's Dance, so shocked when she gave a bad show to the Slovak National Theater. After a long break, it came back to the plates that meant the world.

But all this did not solve the problems. In the beginning of May this year she finally came to cure for treatment in Czech Kromeriz. "Petra is being treated abroad. She has decided to fight alcohol dependence and health problems. It should be about three months," He told us the source of the national.During the summer we have found that Petra is being treated at the psychiatric clinic in the Czech Republic.

Petra Vajdová.

Petra Vajdová.


She left the hospital early and not alone. She has been in love with Married Married, who plans to divorce the actor with his wife. And even though she had plans to start a new life, she bought an apartment and she did not want to give up her work in the theater she would come back to in September, she constantly extended her PN. PDespite the recently published information, Petra and my friend even had to be engaged. But at the end of November he did not return to the theater boards he was advised to.

Now it's clear why. The actor experiences the most beautiful moments of life. Under the heart she carries the first child. "Petra is very happy now, she is pregnant. Together with Martin, their regular baby is born next year,"We learned from a well-informed source. It seems that Vajd finally found his love for life and soon she becomes a mother. The actor himself did not say in the end.

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