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No Name fans met with an updated video clip for the original Slovak-Czech single. The song Ži … and let's be, was written by the leader of the group Igor Timko together with the keyboard Zolim Sallai on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Czech Republic. But there is no spectacular celebration, but an intimate and sensitive view of the history and brotherhood of the two nations.

The chamber music soundtrack gained an interesting contrast in the form of a visual, which is both personal and spectacular. We can see the singer in intimate details, but also in the impressive air photos on the mountain edge or on the roofs of the buildings in Prague and Bratislava. Nevertheless, a clip below which a known Slovak director is signed Juraj Lehotský and a cameraman Timo Krizka, Not set on amazing panoramas. The ice skating is very decent and tasty, many famous places are only seen in the background. Instead of removing all the attention, visually adds the atmosphere to the song and allows the viewer to think about the text.

"By being a song Let's … and let them live inspired by history, the conscience of the Slovaks and Czechs, the events in the squares and occupation became places and their shooting chosen on the road. We wanted to capture the sense of freedom, human fragility to the uncompromising world. We traveled to Tatras, Slovakia, Czech Republic, many beautiful places did not get into the clip, "remembers the singer of the singer, the author of the lyrics and the co-author of the music Igor Timko.

Works with highly qualified specialists

The shots where the singer sits on the roof of the buildings was created in collaboration with professionals. "Sitting at the edge of a 60 meter high building, this is a situation that gives you perfect control, but it sounds crazy in the cliff, but it's true that I was completely confident at a professional high level, but I have to admit that mine stay on the Romanesque streets of Prague and Bratislava I will remember my whole life, he said.

Long-time band partners No name Juraj Lehotský and cameraman Timo Krizka not only took care of the realization of the video, but also about the story and the script. "Juraj and Timo are top performers. Jurajov the other movie Nina is appreciated all over the world and I'm glad that they only give our music "eyes" in a nice couple of years. While working with Juraj and Tim, it is true that ideas can be betrayed by all who are hungry, but ideas, ideas and confrontation were mainly between this pair of authors, "Igor Timko added.

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Timo Krizka, Igor Timko and Juraj LehotskyTimo Krizka, Igor Timko and Juraj Lehotsky – more photography images

The band has already taken the band on the centenary anniversary of Old Town Square, the concert of teachers in Košice at the conservatory and other events. You will certainly not miss the set list that has been prepared acoustic trip, which will be spring next year. The band will play in it five concerts in Slovakia and 18 in the Czech Republic.

Igor Timko (singer), Dusan Timko (guitar), Ivan Timko (drummers), Roman Timko (guitar), Vilo Gutray (bass) and Zoli Sallai (keyboard) will of course play older hits No matter what it is. Life, you and your sister and many more. Tickets for Slovak concerts are sold exclusively online

Dermacol No Name Acoustic Tour 2019


21. 2. – Trenčín, Piano Club
22. 2. – Poprad, Culture House
8. 3. – Košice, Social Pavilion
14. 3. – Žilina, Holiday Inn
29. 3. – Bratislava, Istropolis

tickets: "width =" 100 "height =" 18

Czech Republic:

5. 2. – Zlin, Congress Center
6. 2.Jihlava, DKO
12. 2. – České Budějovice, DK Metropol
13. 2. – Pardubice, Culture House Dukla
14. 2. – Náchod, Municipal Theater Dr. Josef Čížek
18. 2. – Opava, Silesian Theater
20. 2. – Znojmo, Dukla Conference and Social Center
February 26 – Cheb, KC Svoboda
27. 2. – Carlsbad, Grandhotel Ambassador National House
28. 2. – Chomutov, Municipal Theater
2. 3. – Pilsen, Měšťanská beseda
15. 3. – Český Těšín, Těšínské divadlo
20. 3. – Sand, Avni Šrámek Theater
21. 3. – Liberec, Culture House
26. 3. – Olomouc, NH Collection Olomouc Congress
27. 3. – Ostrava, Dolní Vítkovice – Multifunctional Aula Gong
4. 4. – Brno, Mahen Theater
11. 4. – Praha, Forum Karlín

Find out more on the band's official website

Text: Patrik Marflák (first two paragraphs) + Nora Krchňáková (TS – edit)
Photo: group archive

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