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adminDecember 31, 2018

In the ever-agitated world of Korean electronic music, called "K-Pop", the boy band EXP Edition has become popular lately, though none of the members are Korean. Among the four components of the band are Koki Tomlinson (Japanese and German ancestor), Hunter Kohl (USA), Šime Košta (Croatia) and a Frankie Da Ponte, who take over as Portuguese.

The band began in 2014 and began to be received with independence. But the four foreigners have been seated and their members are making progress.

In April 2018, Da Ponte participated in a talent contest in Korea and came a long way in the competition. He explained to jury members that he is "a Portuguese born in the United States" and showed his commitment to learning the local language: "I don't speak Korean well, but when I sing, everything is fine."

Born in Bristol, New York, 28 years ago, the artist tells the American newspaper Providence Journal who began singing on Portuguese parties in their youth. "I grew up as a Portuguese-American, especially in Bristol, a small Portugal. Although I was born in America and America, I felt more Portuguese than American"

Frankie joined some musicals until he auditioned to join the EXP Edition in 2014.

Life then gave total summersult. Since then he lives in Korea, where he says he is happy. "Having lived in Korea and been part of this Korean family, working with a Korean team and speaking Korean, part of my heart already feels Korean."

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