Popular competition Elenmeyince Viewers Revolt

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Ezimiz and Reyhan who won the lowest score in the final in the 43rd week of the bridal kitchen, again, with various excuses, the audience was upset against the competition.


On channel D; Fatih Ürek & # 39; s in Fatih Guzeler in the end of the kitchen, an event that reveals the audience was completed. In the last few weeks, Reyhan was included in the competition for the third time, and his daughter-in-law Ezgi, despite completing the last week of the competition, was not eliminated and the competition lost its credibility. Bride in the kitchen on the last day of the week with 75 points, Rümeysa was the first to have 5 gold bracelets in her arm. Among the other competitors, Yağnur 60 and Sinai gathered 57 points while Ezgi was the last week with 56 points. According to these results, Ezgi and Reyhan should be eliminated from mother-in-law while the first Rümeysa announced that they decided to withdraw suddenly. As a reason for this decision, the competitor showed that he had a patient and should focus on his education.


With this confusing decision by Rümeysa, Ezgi and Reyhan were determined to continue the competition from where they lived. But this incident brought to mind the last few weeks of the race and Burcu Nurten Hanımı. Ezgi, week 28 of the program with 56 points was the last day. But, Burcu, mother-in-law Nurm's mother's health problems, said he suddenly decided to withdraw from the competition announced.

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