Pop culture inspires halloween costumes

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All Hallows Eve will soon arrive, and as every year, pop culture offers a variety of costume options. We hope to see many Black Panthers, Thanos and the recently resurrected Michael Myers.

We surveyed the year (so far) in pop culture to find some unexpected options. Because we can all do better than Kanye West with a "Make America Great Again" hat.

It really does not need to be said, but none – we repeat, none – of these disguises requires pretending to be another race or ethnic origin. Single. Do not do it. That.

Ariana Grande

and Pete Davidson

The most popular summer couple is officially Kaput. But grandson, how these two young stars were collectively known, endures in our hearts, minds and … Halloween costumes.

For Ariana, you should wear a high ponytail (with extensions if you want to be really authentic), high boots and a large jacket. If you go for Ariana after the breakup, you could also take some Band-Aids to cover those unfortunate tattoos.

Meanwhile, Davidson prefers expensive street suits, so think of crisp graphic t-shirts and extra-large sweatshirts combined with new sneakers and sneakers.

He can also incorporate hats and recreate one of the most unfortunate looks of the former couple, which Davidson mocked the "Weekend Update" of "Saturday Night Live."

Ally in "A Star

Is born"

If you want to dress up as the Lady Gaga character of Bradley Cooper's well-reviewed remake, you have options. One is to copy Gaga's appearance during the drag bar scene, when Ally impresses Jackson with an impressive rendition of "La Vie en Rose." Clothes are minimal here: you will need a simple black dress, transparent black stockings and a pair of discreet black pumps. Place your hair in a tall elegant bun (bonus points if you can handle some curly tendrils). The other key to nail this look is makeup. You will have to cover your eyebrows and draw them in thin pencil with black eyeliner. Slide a bright eye shadow, a vibrant red lip and voilà! Take a rose with you or incorporate it into your hairstyle.

Another option is to dress like Ally the first time she sings on stage with Jackson. This requires even less effort: wear a mostly white T-shirt, tied with a knot at the waist, and a pair of black striped pants, adorned with a chain for the body if you have one. Throw yourself a safety rope (for your backstage pass) and a few extravagant rings on your fingers while you cover your eyes and take off your belt

Happy Haaaaa-aaa-waaaa-oooh – aaah-oooh-haaa-lloooo-weeeeen.

Cardi b y

Bruno Mars

This aspect is inspired by the music video of the remix "Finesse" by Bruno Mars, which features the rapper Cardi B. You can achieve it with a classic of the 90s (Mars paid a tribute to "In Living Color" in his video), so … Ready to use many bright colors.

For Cardi, start with a backward baseball cap: she wears green neon in the video, but any bright color will do. Put on a graphic shirt (optional cut top), a worn denim and a cute bomber jacket. Be sure to use accessories with large rings (the larger, the better) and some solid gold rings and bracelets.

Mars also gets the gold accessories with several braided chains and a striking watch. Wear a striped shirt with a hood, a long-sleeved shirt and baggy jeans, and you're ready.

This would be a great couple's costume. It is also an option for parents of young children, which adds (adorable) a new meaning to the line: "Drippin 'in delicacy with my baby".

Betty, Veronica, Cheryl et. Alabama

You'll find a lot of costume options in "Riverdale," which combines Archie's comics with the appeal of teen television. Opt for the preppy sweetness, topped with a ponytail: if you're a Betty, put on some pearls, heels and a crimson lipstick if you're a Veronica. Archie and the gang would make a great group costume, and the fandom around this program is such that you can actually buy a replica of the original Jughead Jones hat. You can also go by the route of Josie and the kittens.

But you'll probably have more fun like Cheryl Blossom, whose queen bee status goes to the hyperdrive in the CW series. Above all, you will need intense red hair and a deliciously bad attitude. The rest really depends on you because Cheryl does what she wants.

The Crain Family

The brothers of the creepy Netflix thriller, "The Haunting of Hill House", inspired by the novel by Shirley Jackson in 1959, would be a great group or family costume. The possibilities are endless here, as we follow the Crains and their demons from childhood to adulthood. You can even add a ghost or two to your clan. Just make sure the Crain sisters have long, shiny brown hair. That is important.

Miriam "Midge" Maisel

If vintage costumes are your thing, "The wonderful Mrs. Maisel", the star of the Amazon Prime show, offers a lot of costume options. The most obvious is Mrs. Maisel. To channel the budding comedian, played charmingly by Rachel Brosnahan, you'll need a dress worthy of a 1950s Upper West Side housewife, er, divorcee, a vintage microphone and a lot of chutzpah.

A student from Las Encinas de "Elite" of Netflix.

Do you have a pristine preparation costume and some fake blood? You can be one of the secret students of this animated Netflix program, where tensions in an elite private school lead to murder. The show takes place in Spain, so be sure to pronounce it "Grathias" when you say thank you for your candy.

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