"Poncho" Zuleta and the square of the two music

adminDecember 29, 2018

Plaza de San Pedro, in Cartagena, is the site chosen for the vallenato singer to celebrate 50 years of artistic life. A few days later, the same place for classical music.

"Poncho" Zuleta celebrates this Monday, December 31, 50 years of activity in the vallenato folklore. León Darío Peláez – Weekly magazine

Plaza de San Pedro, in the historic center of Cartagena, will have two completely different scenarios, but united by a single thread: music. Three days will distinguish between the magic of this site, which witnessed the slave slaves from Africa being sold at the time of the colony.

The first musical style is heard Monday 31 December. The square has, as has been traditionally the last 18 years, a special dinner served by San Pedro Restaurant and on stage will be the artists, led by Poncho Zuleta. "Celebrating the fifties of the artistic life of the Zuleta dynasty, Poncho Zuleta and Cocha Molina, king of kings," says El Espectador Jairo Rafael Castellar, restaurant manager and event organizer.

And that night begins for Poncho Zuleta's celebration of his fifty years. Cristian Rodríguez, the director of the artist, confirmed that "in 2019, it will be reminded of its artistic life. They are fifty years old with a course in national and international territory". The celebration includes tours of the United States, South America and Europe, and recalls that the first Latin Grammy who came to Colombia in the Cumbia category was obtained by the Zuleta brothers, Rodríguez, who also confirms that for some time now gathering successes. "We've done work to restore a traditional vallenato."

On New Year's Eve in the square, Rodriguez speaks with the family's nostalgia on special dates: "We are the family, we share with the group December 31".

Plaza San Pedro is located near Plaza de la Aduana, Museo del Caribe and Naval Museum. It's a sneaky meeting perfect for lovers or for the picture taken in the traditional sculpture by Enrique Grau: The Black and the Slave. This same plaza has had US presidents like Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, characters like Shakira, and there was the angel of Pope Francis. In the church of San Pedro, caring for and commissioned by the Jesuits, the famous atria of the church are made and where Fermina Daza, interpreted by actor Giovanna Mezzo, was married while Fermín Daza (Javier Bardem) is still waiting for her, all this in the movie love in cholera times

In the church, which is the center of the square, at the top of its altar, rest the rest of its owner St. Peter Claver, the slave saint.

After December 31, the square returns to its apparent calm and you will not hear Poncho Zuleta with its "Mañanita de invierno"; But the scene will change again to make room for classical music, violin, piano, cellos, soprano, points and what the Cartagena International Music Festival means. The place will be an outdoor experience in concert programming. The first of them will include pianist Daniel Khartitonov and violinist Emmanuel Tjeknavorian.

Antonio Miscená confirmed that the weather "is very enjoyable in January for those who are going to hear the concerts, it's beneficial, it's the ideal, it's not rain, people can move without problems".

This year, the outstanding composer will be Johann Sebastian Bach and the central theme will be heavenly harmony, which, according to the organizers, is the evidence of musical thought and scientific reflection. In addition to the four concerts in St. Peter's Square, there will be another 31 at various stages, ten days with more than 363 artists with works by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Debussy, among other writers.

"And it is the classical music festival that we call a party because it is the participation of the people who take out the important artists from the private stages, and we shall have them here in the square," says Castellar, who has participated with the restaurant for 12 years festival concerts.

January 13, the festival ends, the square remains for hikers and stories; probably in some of its corners will be talked about the violin and the pianos, and in the other someone will think of an accordion and will feel the voice of Poncho Zuleta, his fifty years of artistic life, and remember what Emiliano, his brother wrote: "Many times People don't know there are such bitter moments because of folklore, but I'm a tireless man and I'm in love with my bad accordion. "

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