Polnareff, Dubosc, Bardot, Kaaris … These artists show their support for "yellow vests"

adminNovember 29, 2018

"We must be with you, we favored them," wrote Franck Dubosc Tuesday, "we have to find something I talk to my friends about it."

"I am very respectful of their cause." The singer Michel Polnareff, who will make his first album for 28 years, took part "Support" the "yellow bees", in an interview on Parisian published Wednesday, November 28th. The 75-year-old artist who judges the movement "Understandable", Is not the first personality in the culture world to engage too.

Brigitte Bardot

Wednesday, mid afternoon, Brigitte Bardot published a photo where she has a yellow vest, both thumbs up, next to her Renault 4L white parked at the entrance to La Madrague, his home in Saint Tropez. "With you!", wrote in the legend the president of the foundation for animal welfare that carries his name. Near the vehicle, one of his dogs also has a yellow vest.

Franck Dubosc

Franck Dubosc not only supported; He announced his intention to gather other personalities for the movement. "Message to the yellow beings and to all of you suffering, we must be with you, we favor them, we must find something, I tell my friends about it", wrote actor and comedian, on facebook on facebook.

Arnaud Ducret

Comedian Arnaud Ducret, who was unable to attend a short film festival on the island of Reunion due to blockages, was not retaliated on November 21st: "I support you the" yellow bees "that it's Dom-Tom, the metropolis … We're all in the same city: We're tired of wearing pigs!"


Rapper Kaaris, sentenced to 18 months in prison suspended after his battle in Orly with his rival Booba, also supported the movement on November 17th and formed a yellow vest on his Instagram account.

Pierre Perret

At RTL, November 10, singer Pierre Perret said he was with the "yellow bees". Asked by a protest on November 17th, he received this answer: "Dear Yves, I'm by your side, if I do not sing that day, I will come back to support you."

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