Playmate Saskia Atzerodt talks about her lipoharmonic disorder

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She is a model and a playmate – getting her legs thicker was a shock to Saskia Atzerodt. But not only that: The Lipoedem, which suffers from the 26-year-old, also has health consequences. Now she talks openly about it for the first time.

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On her Instagram photos, Saskia Atzerodt usually shows in sexy lingerie, tight bikinis and sensual bags. No wonder, the native Augsburg is finally Playmate and Model.

But since a year and a half, the 26-year-old reports to the "Image" newspaper, she suffers from lipoedem in her legs. These are pathological fat cells that cannot be combated with sports and healthy nutrition. The legs become thicker and heavier.

Lipoedema, what is it?

By his own admission, Atzerodt didn't know for a long time why her legs had suddenly become thicker. "I changed my diet, trained more and more, but nothing changed, and I thought it was just natural fat," she says. She even had liposuction done – to no avail.

In a television program she finally learned about the disease for the first time. The symptoms were: soreness (even if you sit), water in the legs, thick ankles and bruises on the slightest touch.

Now the former candidate traded "Bachelor in Paradise".

OP for more quality of life

Lymph nodes and support stockings may be useful in alleviating the discomfort of a lipoid disorder. But it wasn't enough for the 26 year old.

Although her disease was "still in childhood," she decided to have surgery. In Düsseldorf, she says, the sick fat cells were amputated. (COS)
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